Albrau Brewery

The Albrau Factory in Onești is equipped with the latest technology, keeping the quality and authentic taste of the beer

Raw materials used

The beer is made from malt, unmalted cereals, several types of hops, brewer’s yeast and, of course, the best quality water


Using carefully selected raw materials and following the phases of the technological process of grinding, molding, boiling with hop dosing, cooling with sowing and aeration, the wort is produced


In this section, the cooled, aerated and sown must, following the phases of the technological process of primary, secondary fermentation, is transformed into fermented beer


The fermented beer is filtered and thus the finished beer is obtained


The beer is bottled in the bottling lines in 0.5L and 0.33L bottles, 2L and 1L PET, 0.5L and 0.33L can, 30L and 50L keg

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